Millions of people, mostly women and children, die each year in nations impacted by violent war, natural catastrophes, and preventable causes. The majority of these deaths are caused by crisis-related disruptions such as poor sanitation, food and medical shortages, and insufficient preventative measures.

Our Goal

Poor health can hinder people's ability to improve their lives, particularly during times of conflict and natural disasters. TDRF helps people in Tigray who are living through or recovering from wars and disasters to reduce their chance of becoming sick and to get medical help if they do.

Ensure that children are treated for and protected from the primary causes of death.
How we get there: 
  • Supporting health extension workers implement childhood immunization, distribute treatment for childhood diarrhea, fever, malnutrition and other leading causes of child death
Ensure that pregnant women do not die from pregnancy-related causes.

How we get there: 

  • Encouraging pregnant women to get regular health care before, during and after pregnancy
  • Supporting women to give birth at a health institution
  • Supporting organizations that address maternal health
Ensure that non-communicable disease mortality is decreased and that mental health is supported.

How we get there:

  • Supporting public health initiatives that focus on prevention
  • Supporting projects that promote mental health and wellbeing

Where We Work

The work of TRDF is touching the lives of thousands of people in Tigray. Due to the war in Tigray, millions have forcibly been internally and externally displaced from their homes since November 2020 and we are immensely working to reach those displaced by the war.

To accomplish its mission, TRDF partners with local government agencies and non-profit organizations that are committed to help people in need by implementing solutions to solve the challenges they face.