About Tigray Disaster Relief Fund

Our Beginnings

The Tigray Disaster Relief Fund operate is an international charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, established in 2018 by a group of young professional diaspora Tigrayans. The organization emerged in response to the escalating displacement of Tigrayans from various regions of Ethiopia.

In 2018, the organization promptly initiated relief efforts, offering support to families affected by ethnic conflict and political violence across diverse Ethiopian territories. Recognizing the importance of effectiveness, TDRF actively engaged with stakeholders on the ground in Tigray and forged partnerships with organizations such as the Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs of Tigray (BOLSA) and Keradion Elders Support Association.

Unfortunately, the urgency of our mission intensified after November 4, 2020. The people of Tigray have endured a multitude of wartime atrocities, including rape, famine, looting, and destruction. The staggering loss of life and the distressing images of malnourished and brutalized residents emerging from Tigray have deeply affected TDRF. It is now imperative for us to escalate our efforts, but this cannot be achieved alone. We urgently seek strengthened partnerships and the support of compassionate individuals from various backgrounds and donors to address the escalating crisis in Tigray.


TDRF works to provide urgent humanitarian relief and development assistance to communities across Tigray.


TDRF seeks to improve the quality-of-life through health, education and economic relief initiatives for communities across Tigray.

ህይወት ነድሕን፤ ወለዶ ንህነፅ!​

Saving Lives. Inspiring Generations.



Our Team

The talented individuals who make up Tigray Disaster Relief Funds’ compassionate team bring unique expertise and experiences to the organization. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to helping alleviate human suffering to millions of people in Tigray.

Board of Directors

At Tigray Disaster Relief Fund, we are committed to our mission. In order to help us fulfill that mission, we have assembled a team of committed professionals that represent excellence and integrity in their field and are driven by a passion to do good for their community.

Kokob Gebru Kidanu - Copy
Kokob Gebru Kidanu
Board Member
Muzey Desta - Cropped
Muzey Desta
Board Member
Atsbha Teklehaymnot
Board Member

Executive Team

Heaven Fekadu - Edited
Heaven Fekadu
Executive Secretary
Neftalem T. Negussie
Neftalem T. Negussie
Co-Director of Information Technology
Simret Habtezgi - Brighter
Simret Habtezgi
Executive Director
Million Zenebe
Director of Marketing
Samrawit Assefa - Copy
Samrawit Assefa
Co-Director of Program Development
Segen Yanishet - White BG - Cropped
Segen Yainshet
Co-Director of Program Development
Daniel Tikabo - Copy
Daniel Tikabo
In Country Director
Goitom Tegegn - Copy
Goitom Tegegn
Director of Communications and Public Relations (PR)
WhatsApp Image 2024-05-25 at 10.47.17_a77889ea
Ruta Weldemariam
Director of Finance


The problems facing the people of Tigray are real, multi-faceted, and daunting.
One of our most profound reasons for optimism is that we know we are not
working alone.

Disaster relief takes sustainable and effective partnerships.  Therefore,
TDRF has established partnership with like-minded organizations
serving the communities. TDRF’s partners, including corporations
and organizations. They are crucial to our work of responding to disasters,
and implementing life-changing community initiatives throughout Tigray.

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