For children in disaster areas, education is about more than the right to learn. Schools protect children from the physical dangers around them-including abuse, exploitation, and recruitment into armed groups. Lack of access to education and poor quality of available schools can undermine people’s potential to have successful futures. In 2018, about 60 million children were out of school. Worldwide, more than half of children and adolescents do not meet the minimum standards in reading and mathematics proficiency.

Our Goals

Education is a tool that enables individuals to create, innovate, build, and maintain a brighter future for everyone. TDRF promotes an inclusive and equitable quality of education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. TDRF hopes to provide children, youth, and adults in Tigray with safe, quality educational opportunities.

Ensure that children and young people achieve minimum proficiency level in reading and mathematics

How we get there: 

  • Giving to causes that build schools, supply books, and train teachers in rural areas.
  • Supporting projects that help build schools
Ensure equal access to affordable technical, vocational and higher education

How we get there: 

  • Sponsoring local school scholarships
  • Sponsoring education and occupational training that ensures long-term employability
Ensure skills for employment and productivity

How we get there:

  • Providing women with equitable access to information, skills training and markets so that they can meet their basic needs and generate income and assets. 

Where We Work

The work of TRDF is touching the lives of thousands of people in Tigray. Due to the war in Tigray, millions have forcibly been internally and externally displaced from their homes since November 2020 and we are immensely working to reach those displaced by the war.

To accomplish its mission, TRDF partners with local government agencies and non-profit organizations that are committed to help people in need by implementing solutions to solve the challenges they face.